Who We Are

The Digital Whistleblowing Fund (DWF) is a project by three partner organizations:

The Hermes Center For Transparency and Digital Human Rights

Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights is a civil rights organisation based in Italy, focusing on the promotion and development of the awareness and attention to transparency, accountability, freedom of speech online and, more in general, the protection of rights and personal freedom in a connected world.

The Hermes Center coordinates the DWF project as lead partner, operating the general project management, coordination, external communication and strategic advice to projects.


Renewable Freedom Foundation (RFF)

Renewable Freedom Foundation was established in 2012 and is a charitable foundation founded by the owner and publisher of a daily newspaper in Bavaria, Georg Schäff. The foundation’s mission is to protect and preserve civil liberties, especially in the digital environment. It supports the preservation and enforcement of basic human rights and civil liberties via its own research programs, through educational and networking activities, counseling, as well as through direct support of civil society initiatives.

RFF handles the financial and administrative side of the DWF grant program.


Whistleblowing Solutions

Whistleblowing solutions is a social startup that provides professional services related to secure whistleblowing and anticorruption technologies based on GlobaLeaks to public administrations, NGOs and private corporations. Following a binding statutory social commitment Whistleblowing Solutions reinvests 100% of the company’s earning into the support of the development of the GlobaLeaks project.

Whistleblowing Solutions provides all technical facilities and services.