First Round (Anti-corruption activism)

Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI)

http://2ki3dcazcb5surjmkmwq3taz5attt4uaf3qqrmco2szjvpuehntvenad.onion (access via Tor Browser)


Lost in Europe


Tracking Exposed

http://cx4al2hxqtf4swuv4kewdeqgixwsmfmzkel5otw5ef33xkdkxh3cs7id.onion (access via Tor Browser)


Transparency International France


Transparency International Ireland


Second round (Gender-based violence, rights of minorities, migrants and refugees)



Kyiv Post


Rue89 (project supported pro-bono by the GlobaLeaks team)

Third round (environmental and public health issues)

Arena for Journalism in Europe


Cittadini Reattivi


Extinction Rebellion






ReCheck (project supported pro-bono by the GlobaLeaks team) 

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Supporting Diverse Initiatives in Europe Through The Use of Secure Whistleblowing Platforms

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