Application Guide

Before applying, please ensure that you read this short application guide.


In order to be eligible for the Digital Whistleblowing Fund, your organization needs to be part of or explicitly endorsed/referred by one of the following coalitions or network members:

If you want to suggest to expand eligibility to other civil society coalitions and/or networks, please get in touch.

Ideal applications for this grant program are:

  • Socially motivated, ideally supporting investigative journalism and human rights projects
  • Have the potential for immediate impact and long-term sustainability
  • Incorporate collaborative partnerships with other organisations and/or individuals whether internationally or in the applicant’s local social activism context
  • Lead by a team with a heterogeneous mix of competences and approach
  • Have defined a plan with who will do what and how much time it is going to take

The Grant

Grants awarded to successful organisations will be divided as follows:

  • Micro-grant of up to EUR 3.000 in financial support
  • IT and Advisory Services to support the startup of the Digital Whistleblowing Initiative

Services provided are:

  • IT service platform setup, including configuration and customization assistance
  • Training and strategic advisory service for the whistleblowing project design and setup

The grants will be paid according to 3 milestones:

  1. advanced payment, after approval
  2. public announcement of the digital whistleblowing initiative
  3. final payment after 3 months of the announcement, sending a report on the lessons learned

Selection process

The Jury is composed of 9 members. In order for an application to succeed, it needs to get at least 5 favorable votes out of 9.

All the Jury members can express a Veto on a proposal.

Jury members will be asked to give a score for every application from 0 to 10. This score will help later rank all the successful applications to get funding.

Grant Rounds

This first funding from OSIFE to startup the program will run in 3 rounds in thematic calls. Only applications received before the deadline will be accepted. Applicants are expected to receive feedback within 1 month from the application date.

The theme of the first round is “Anti-corruption Activism”. This round is for projects operating within Europe. Applications will be open from November 15 to December 31.

Next deadline: TDB